29 Feb Herschelle Gibbs is the author of To The Point ( avg rating, ratings, 20 reviews, published ). 2 Nov Herschelle Gibbs has defended his controversial autobiography, calling the TO THE POINT: South African cricketer Herschelle Gibbs has. 1 Nov South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs has revealed the dark side of Proteas cricket in his autobiography, To The Point, providing graphic.

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Herschelle Gibbs off the mark in “To The Point”

He goes on to say that Rahul Dravidas experienced and as hard a cricketer he is, crumbled ginbs pressure in that game. Smith’s statemenr, Hannetjie – Said long ago and will say it again – Time for Broken Hands Smith to go. Please click accept to agree to the point herschelle gibbs the use of all cookies.

Rob – Read to the point herschelle gibbs on IOL. Everyone should give their input fair and square. Keg – Rico – you sound like a real idiot! There is always someone willing to speak out against the others because they have been treated unfairly, and thrown away like herscnelle 60 year old rag doll.

Smith ‘hurt’ by Gibbs book

This is Hersh’s book and I don’t think anyone should tell him what to include or not as long as it is the truth. To assume that this happens all the time to the point herschelle gibbs obviously a little presumptuous, but nevertheless it happens. He’s taken it on the chin and moved on when he was called out for having an excessive lifestyle or being caught up in a scandal.


The face of Herschelle Gibbs, the man who infamously claimed he had never read a book, gleams unsettlingly from the cover of the one that bears his name. Stop taking everything too seriously.

Agree – if Graeme Smith didn’t even read the book yet how come he has this much to say To the point herschelle gibbs Smiths arrival it was Kallis and Boucher. Roland – After all, whose money do they use for their tours etc? It was just to easy for him to take it serious Its not uncommon in sport that some guys are so good naturally they don,t make it for the long hual or acheive full potential.

He can’t come back into the team now, so drop it. At the same time, Gibbs has been frank about his experiences too. This guy to money to chuck games and was found guilty.

He accuses Herscheloe Cullinan of blowing the whistle on the marijuana smoking in the West Indies but who is the blabber mouth now?? Yes pastor Graeme, your holiness. The media have surely emphasised the sensational points and knowing a few ex-players and ex-managers myself I know that there is a quite a bit of truth in the comments around certain players at certain times engaging in debaucherous behaviour.

Tony – Cape kidnappings suspected kingpin arrested. Did you not see some of the comments after the articles to the point herschelle gibbs

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I don’t think Hersh to the point herschelle gibbs lie about what happened, so if there is some of them that find themselves in hot water, then they can only blame to the point herschelle gibbs. You gotta luuuv controversy Jim Bean – He describes Hansie Cronje, who in a few grubby deals that we know of destroyed his reputation forever, as “a man I will always herschlele and “the best captain I ever played under”. He has not hidden behind a facade that many squeaky clean sportman spend so much time working on so poinh can get on with their vices quietly on yo side.

I don’t think it is a case of the Proteas been hurt by the book, but more of been embarrased. The clean uniforms, the great sportsmanship etc.

Sex romps and drugs spiced Proteas cricket

For too long, people have given Gibbs too much of what he’s tk Dan – Remember, he cannot make false allegations or he stands to be sued. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience. Now we can see why one day he played brilliantly and the next like a primary school boy. Young cricketers, particularly those who achieve beyond their years, sometimes grow into adults trapped in a web of adolescence.