View and Download Roland Fantom X6 user manual online. Roland Fantom X6: User Guide. Fantom X6 Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Roland Fantom-X6 owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual CD Player Fantom-X6, Fantom-X7, Fantom-X8. Fantom-X6 Electronic. features of the Roland Fantom-X family of products. Much of . Sounds of the Fantom-XWorkshop series booklet for instructions on adding a sound to the.

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Adjust the reverberation Reverb You can adjust the depth and time of the reverberation roland fantom x6 manual desired. In such cases, you can use the Skip Back Sampling function to sample sounds that were played earlier in time.

Piano Acoustic Piano EL. This provides an easy way to remix patterns and create a song.

Sounds will be interrupted if more than voices are used simultaneously. Page Modifying the Sound in Real Time You can also roland fantom x6 manual the knobs to adjust some of these settings directly.

Playing in Patch Mode Selecting Favorite Patches Favorite Patch In the patch mode, You can bring together your favorite and most frequently used patches in one place by registering them in the favorite patch.

You can register a total of 64 sounds fanfom sounds x 8 banks as favorite patchs. Recording Songs Recording Your Performance as Roland fantom x6 manual Play It Realtime Recording Realtime Recording is the recording method in which your keyboard playing and controller operations are recorded just as you perform them. Page dddd Reverb Parameter 12 00 33 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd Reverb Orland 13 00 37 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd Reverb Parameter 14 00 3B aaaa bbbb To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

Roland Fantom-X6 Owner’s Manual

Roland fantom x6 manual Fantom-X can store 64 preset chord forms and 64 user chord forms. Before roland fantom x6 manual begin this procedure, put the sound generator in Performance mode. This sets the keyboard to a light touch. Press [EXIT] to return to the previous screen. Part Reverb Send Level Sets the level of the signal sent to reverb for each part. In such cases, you can use a compressor to hold down the volume of fahtom attack to a listenable level while keeping the sound prominent in the mix.


The booster increases the input signal in order to distort the sound. Recording multiple instruments on a single track Multi Channel Recording You can create a song using just one track With roland fantom x6 manual method, you can create an ensemble performance on just a single track, and line up as many as sixteen songs! When this function is used, samples being played from the sequencer or the audio tracks will stay in synchronization even if you modify the sequencer tempo.

Roland fantom x6 manual not use cables that incor- porate resistors for connecting to fabtom unit.

Roland Fantom X6 User Manual

Pattern parameter, Playback Mode parameter, and Mute Group parameter are set for each key. Registering a sound Access the screen of the roland fantom x6 manual, rhythm set, or performance that you want to register. Creating a Performance Tempo fig.

The wah effect will be applied over a wide frequency range.

The following paragraphs discuss what this means, and what will happen when more than simultaneous manal are requested from the Fantom-X. If a song has the same tempo from beginning to end, the Tempo track can be ignored.

Using samples in audio tracks Editing an audio track You can edit an audio track by moving or copying the samples within the audio track. Playing two or more sounds simultaneously Layers Layers are setups in which two or more sounds are heard simultaneously; for example, you might add a bell sound to a piano sound.

Wave Gain Sets the gain amplification of the waveform. The following categories can be selected. This manual also for: Data transmission Manua, Section 4. Manuzl Tempo If you want the sequencer tempo to change when you roland fantom x6 manual Performances, specify the tempo that roland fantom x6 manual follow this change.


Roland DVD: Owner’s Manual for Fantom-X6, X7, and X8 FANTOM-XDVM

Page 00 61 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd MFX Parameter 21 roland fantom x6 manual 65 aaaa bbbb cccc dddd MFX Parameter 22 00 69 aaaa bbbb cccc Fantom x8Fantom x7. You can use this feature to make the editing process faster and easier. Page Model Name: Dantom can also use the same operation to erase individual items of data from the tempo track or beat track. Listening to the Demo Songs. The Eoland Utility Menu window will open.

Tempo Track The Tempo track records tempo changes of a song over roland fantom x6 manual.

Normal reverb 1 Reverb: Try out various settings to create the phrase you want. Page 17 – Specify the key ranges in roland fantom x6 manual the pian If you save a song that has a muted Phrase track in the MRC Pro song format, the mute status of the track will also be saved. Parameter List Pitch Group P. Removing The Memory, Checking That Memory Is Installed Correctly Paying attention to the location of the notch on the memory module and the orientation, insert it vertically within the guides at either side of the socket.

Page 76 roland fantom x6 manual Synchronizing a sample to the sequencer The Sample List display appears. It is not possible to erase the tempo change located at the beginning of the tempo track, the beat change located at the beginning of the beat track, or the pattern beat. Broadly speaking, there are two ways to create an Rhythm Pattern. If you want to keep the modified sound, you must save it in the internal user memory or memory card.