11 Apr Want to work in Japan? You’ll need to get your Japanese resume ready for applications. Check out our guide to writing a Rirekisho. A rirekisho (履歴書) is a document used to apply for a job in Japan. While most dictionaries would translate it as “resume”, Japanese employers have become. Japanese Resume (Rirekisho) Forms. Posted by LP. In Japan, there is a standard format for resumes/CVs. It’s called a 履歴書 (rirekisho), and employers outside.

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Application letters or CVs written in Rirekiso may be immediately deleted or scrapped. September 25, at I chose to not finish it because all that was remaining rirelisho electives and I did not feel the need to take them as they were unrelated to my field of study.

There are a couple different ways to handle this. I finally found this rirekisho on the internet because I wish someday I want to work in Japanese company. Just a quick question: Current phone number Self-explanatory.

AccessJ: Japanese Resume (Rirekisho) Forms

Write from the specific to the less specific: Also be warned that leaving this section blank may indicate a lack of interest. Make sure you got the company name right. You might be using the standard resume, which you can buy at the convenience store, or a company-specific version. The final major section is for desires, hopes, and dreams which obviously will include for you to talk about the kind of salary that you want Express how you see your career developing. Since some companies have multiple branch offices across the country, you can indicate your preferred work location here.

By the way, thanks again The red, circled numbers are for explanatory purposes and will not appear on the rirekisho itself. The format is pretty standard and not at all difficult.


Or, you can print your own resume forms. In the following, rirekishoo will explain how to write a conventional Japanese resume. A few points of note:. It might look strange, but it is your legal name. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am really impressed to read everthing at single place.

How to Write a Japanese Resume

Some employers request you submit a rirekisho along with an English-language resume. Section 1 — Personal Info. As your first impression is important, be sure to use a clear picture and be careful not to make any typos.

This company just prefers it that way. As such, be very accurate with your academic entries. In any case, once you have your photo, scan it and attach it to the Tirekisho document.

Use advanced keigo when possible, but rather than making a mistake, stick to more simple polite Japanese expressions. The first thing to note about a rirekisho is that a template can be downloaded online or a physical template can be purchased from most convenience stores.

Thank you for the amazing advice!

While these rules are applicable for most rirekishothere are a number of different templates available and some companies will even give you a specific form to fill in. Section 3 — Accomplishments Notify me of new comments via email.

The Japanese resume – Guide to Writing a Rirekisho

Japanese CVs should also be accompanied by a good cover letter which echoes your motivation for applying as written in the CV. If you attended university classes but did not rirekiisho, indicate – university, – undergraduate level and – your department. This usually helps determine whether the applicant will fit well within the company or not. Upload your resume to GaijinPot Jobs to access hundreds of companies that are hiring today.

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This section is devoted to listing any qualifications, licenses or certificates rirkisho applicant may be in possession of, regardless of their relevance to work. They will call you by the name you write first.

Writing the rirekisho | John Turningpin’s Mad Tokyo

Say a prayer for my rirekisho. Always write the same day as the interview, if you submit in person. Get your resume ready for hiring season. Here are a few MS Word documents to help you write one of your own:.

I would be very grateful! This is your time to show off what you can do, so use it. Not the regular pre-formatted resumes such as the template you kindly posted for us similar resumes can be found at convenience storesbut an original resume for a more executive post.

The date of birth can riremisho confusing because it uses the traditional Japanese imperial method of giving age.

Skills, reason for application, etc. There are usually two lines per job, one for nyuusha rirekisbo entry and one for taishoku company departure. It was like a part-time job, but without pay. The genjusho is for writing your current address, while the renrakusaki is for writing an additional contact address. Thanks for the comment.

This indicates the relatively inflexible nature of the form itself. Would there be problems though if someone handed in a resume that was in landscape view as opposed to two portrait pages of document? See this site for some examples: