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Information on FiBL’s research programme A facility for ordering information and documents An overview of courses and training opportunities in organic farming Exchange for traineeships at organic enterprises Downloadable texts and data on organic agriculture Information on events Contacts and links to both Swiss and international institutions and organizations involved in organic agriculture.

Swiss importers want greater concentration of supply, a general increase in supply and an improvement in quality. The market situation for processed vegetables, such as spinach, is one of undersupply. It is expected that some cantons will reduce their payments for conversion due to financial pressures.

The turnover of certified organic products was estimated at SFr million in or two percent of the entire Lebensmiftelverordnung food market. For example, they should have the option of submitting the accumulated documentation for a complete month rather than for each individual consignment. Immer mehr Lebensmittel enthalten billiges Fett For direct imports from countries that are not included on the list of third countries, the importer in Switzerland must submit an application for individual authorization to the Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG together with an attestation of equivalence for the relevant product and its producer.

Demand from the restaurant sector is expected to grow. Many consumers of organic foods associate organic farming with regional and seasonal production. Aus dem Badezimmer, frisch auf den Tisch – wir essen Mikroplastik aus Kosmetikprodukten. Domestic organic supply and imports in Switzerland, The remainder largely consists of products which cannot be grown in Switzerland, such as coffee or citrus fruits.


App soll hormonell wirksame Stoffe entlarven.

Speiseinsekten – Wikipedia

Hormonell wirksame Inhaltsstoffe in jedem dritten Kosmetikprodukt Audio-Datei. Fruit juices Scarce supply and high prices for orange juice are the main problems faced by traders. Check deine Creme Higher customs duties are levied on processed products than on raw materials. Whilst small traditional organic food stores still represent an important sales channel, the supermarkets are clearly expanding their market share.

Importers want less administrative workload imposed by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture and more transparency in relation to import quotas.

Otherwise the problems and expectations coincide with those applying to fresh vegetables. Chemie-Hormone in jedem dritten Produkt. Both products store well and therefore can be transported by ship or land. Individual authorizations are listed annually in the Swiss official trade gazette Schweizerische Handelsamtsblatt.

COOP and Migros, two supermarket chains, are likely to increasingly dominate sales. However, there is currently a balance between supply and demand of fresh vegetables.

Der Verzehr von Insekten wird als Entomophagie bezeichnet, bei Speiseinsekten und deren kulturellen Hintergrund lebensmittelverordnuung es um die Entomophagie beim Menschen. Ideally, the supermarkets wish to provide a full range of organic goods that mirrors the conventional supply. Nevertheless, imports take up an important place to supplement out of season domestic supplies and to bridge bottlenecks in supply.


Therefore, based on direct payment structures, there is less of an incentive to convert to organic than in the early to mids. The amount paid per hectare for organic farms will not increase much, but the total of overall expenditure will rise due to the increasing organically cultivated area.

Die lebensmittepverordnung App macht das Leben schwer. The supply of citrus juices from tropical and sub-tropical countries Latin America increases yearly.

Der Fettgehalt von Speiseinsekten liegt durchschnittlich zwischen 13 und 33 Prozent, bezogen auf die Trockenmasse. This may be the case even with products that Switzerland can easily produce all year round.

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This can be explained by the following main factors: Plastik auf dem Brot: This is true for both specialist retail trade and supermarkets, which now account for approximately 70 percent of organic vegetable sales.

The major retail chains need to profile themselves as socially and ecologically aware in the eyes of critical Swiss consumers. Mit CodeCheck herausfinden, was in Produkten steckt In future, it is expected that more vegetables will be purchased from the Mediterranean countries, especially in winter, and from Israel and Egypt in particular.

Particular obstacles are the requirement for whole-farm organic management for example, affecting citrus holdings and the ban lebensmottelverordnung imports by air increasing the need for postharvest treatment. Organic products are grown on private family farms, the average size of which is 16 ha. The main organic products of animal origin are milk, meat or meat products, lebenemittelverordnung and dairy products, the latter being the most important product group.

They sold around 15 tonnes of organic vegetables in the year Codecheck beliebter als WhatsApp. BIO SUISSE sets tough requirements for imported products for example, insisting on whole farm organic management, refusing to award the label to competing products and prohibiting air transport.

From 1 Januaryit also includes organic products of animal origin.

Die kostenlose App von Codecheck. App erkennt giftiges Aluminium lebensmittelverprdnung Deos. About 70 percent of horticultural farms have less than 1 ha under vegetable production. However, other labels e. However, the range is not complete, due mainly to quality problems. Foreign exporters to the Swiss market should nevertheless take these requirements into consideration since the final products processed from imported raw materials must comply with them.

CodeCheck sagt dir was drinnen steckt.