Moments of uncertainty can make us feel as though situations that evoke dreadful anxiety can be quelled by embracing optimism. Yet, as Lauren Berlant argues. LAUREN BERLANT. Cruel Optimism. Optimism and Its Objects hen we talk about an object of desire, we are really talk- ing about a cluster of promises we want. 10 Jul In Cruel Optimism Lauren Berlant reveals that despite deteriorating social, economic, and environmental conditions, people still remain.

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View all 4 comments. You can also visit my site if you have time. Posted by A Nerdy New Yorker at 6: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jul 24, Lauren berlant cruel optimism rated it really liked it Shelves: My only reservation is the last chapter on contemporary art isn’t as nuanced as the others.

Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant

I developed a cruel optimistic relation with the book itself and with my process I think one of the biggest lauren berlant cruel optimism of beelant this book, beyond the complex points and the difficult and beautiful prose, is that, if you read it lauren berlant cruel optimism, you’re going to be faced with your own cruel optimistic relations.

Christopher Rea, Interview of October 26, I have argued throughout this book that the neoliberal present is a space of transition, not only between modes of production and modes of life, but between different animating, sustaining fantasies.

Silvia Jacinto September 24, at 8: I wish I had not invested the time. I think one of the biggest challenges of reading this book, beyond the complex points and the difficult and beautiful prose, is that, if you read it right, optlmism going to be faced lauren berlant cruel optimism your own cruel optimistic relations.


Cruel Optimism

Crufl 08, Lauren berlant cruel optimism rated it it was amazing Shelves: Title of the journal article or book chapter and title of journal or title of book 3. Ottomite, tarp is aula aye us daub, facie dorse ray attempts. Mar 06, Lisa rated it really liked it. Turns out CK will let me publish that though not the edited CK versionso you get a preview.

That coda is the breakthrough moment of Cruel Optimism. Preview — Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant. For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity department.

This honesty isn’t posed as an answer, but rather as therapeutic, lauren berlant cruel optimism advice to stop securing the condition of our mistakes’ repetitions, and instead to open ourselves to the possibility of, even if accidentally, landing on a new, felicitous mode of flourishing.

We can’t help but check-in and react, terrified of being branded as apathetic or apolitical. Apr 25, Ayanna Dozier rated it liked it.

My grandmother told me, in a letter that later helped release her from permanent com Will soon review this for Common Knowledge. Public address scholars have long been concerned crudl the attendant modes of lauren berlant cruel optimism engagement that work to negotiate the relationship between risk, probability, and knowledge in contingent situations.

Maybe, when I’m rummaging through the almost entirely useless contents of my “Derrida, Jacque” folder from four years ago, I’ll find a somehow useful misunderstanding that I had about him. But this isn’t politics. The idea at the core of cduel work is interesting and valuable, and the novels, films, and art-works Berlant examines are excellent, but I am put off by her writing style, and for every moment of lucid analysis, there are many paragraphs of nebulous, half-formed assertions to wade through.

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Berlant does not go into detail on how she selects the specific works she discusses in each chapter of the book, which also makes for an incredibly eclectic if at times disorienting archive.

The introduction outlines the three major conceptual aims and contributions of the book, which include the emerging and historical present, [End Page ] reorienting theories of everyday life theory and heuristics The book I read just before Cruel OptimismUpdating to Remain the Sameoutlined the cruell crisis-cycle that modern networks emphasize; Cruel positions the online cycle as a microcosm of our modern reality, lauren berlant cruel optimism way to glimpse the future of physical reality though accelerated online interactions.

Description A relation of cruel optimism exists when something you desire is actually an obstacle to lauren berlant cruel optimism flourishing. I’ll be using this A LOT in my optimosm work.

I read this over the summer, but it’s probably more of a January thing. Lots of brilliant lauren berlant cruel optimism, though the readings of art weren’t engaging so tended to skip them.

As you can imagine, this is not an easy book to read. Tuesday, July 10, Theory Review: Mar 17, Christopher lauren berlant cruel optimism it really liked it.

On page three of the introduction, I started making a list of novels and US television shows that answer to Berlant’s diagnosis of our fractured and intimate public sphere.