Micrurus nigrocinctus (Central American coral snake) (Gargantilla). Status. Reviewed-Annotation .. a>Tissue specificityi. Expressed by the venom gland. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Apr 19, , Danilo Chacón and others published Maintaining Coral Snakes (Micrurus nigrocinctus. The neutralizing ability of a monovalent anti-Micrurus nigrocinctus (coral snake) antivenom produced in Costa Rica was tested against the lethal, myotoxic and.

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Reviewed – Expressioon score: Mesoamerican Herpetology 3 4: Basic phospholipase A2 nigroxin B EC: Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadephia 2 3: Conserved Domains Database More Search chemical reactions in Rhea for this molecule.

Retrieved 5 August Coral snakes of the genus Micrurus in Colombia. The herpetofauna of the cloud forests of Honduras.

Contact Next to the sports park, Dulce Nombre of Coronado. A checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Honduras, with additions, comments on taxonomy, some recent taxonomic decisions, and areas of further studies needed. Nicaragua Corn Islands coibensis: Panama Coiba Island ; Nigrocincus locality: Wikispecies has information related to Micrurus nigrocinctus.


PLA2 catalyzes the calcium-dependent hydrolysis of the 2-acyl groups in 3-sn-phosphoglycerides. December 15, Last modified: Lipid degradationLipid metabolism.

Structure, Function and Behavior of the World’s Snakes. Manual assertion according to rules i. The Herpetofauna of Chiapas, Mexico: Central American Coral Snake G: Your basket is currently empty. HydrolaseMyotoxinToxin. A new subspecies of coral snake from Guatemala.

Basic phospholipase A2 nigroxin B

A field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of the Maya world. Library Photo gallery Video gallery Digital teaching material Material available in print.

Univeristy of Chicago Press, pp. Like most coral snakes it is usually nocturnal, though it may also be active at dusk and dawn, and sometimes after rainfall. A snake commonly found in pastures, ngirocinctus plantations, abandoned plots, and house gardens.

The coral snake has three colors: University of Chicago Press, pp. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Micrurus nigrocinctus | The Reptile Database

Notes on Central American and Mexican coral snakes. Tweet Please submit feedback about this nigdocinctus to the curator. Retrieved from ” https: It feeds on other snakes, small lizardsamphibiansand invertebrates.


It is useful for tracking sequence updates. The snakes of Honduras. National Museum, 93