Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. Bhaktamar stotra is gem of devotional Jain literature. Bhaktamar Stotra Songs Download- Listen Sanskrit Bhaktamar Stotra MP3 songs online free. Play Bhaktamar Stotra Sanskrit movie songs MP3 by Rattana.

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Jain texts Jain mantras Devotion songs. The prayer praises Rishabhanatha adinaththe first Tirthankara of Jainism.

Views Read Edit View history. Once the crop is ripe what is sanskrut need of the cloud full of rain. Kim sharvarishu shashinanhi vivasvata va yushman mukhendu daliteshu tamassu natha! The resplendent orb around you is more magnificent than any other luminous object in the universe.

Mere touch of his feet frees the beings from sins. Shumbhat prava valaya bhuri vibha vibhoste lokatraya dyutimatam dyutimakshipanti.

Bhaktamara Stotra

A vessel caught in giant waves and surrounded by alligators, giant oceanic creatures, and dangerous fire, the devotee by chanting your name surmount such terrors and crosses the ocean. Stotrair jagattri taya chitta harairudaaraih stoshye kilahamapi tam prathamam jinendram. Archived from the original on 17 February Your devotee not frightened of enemies. It is believed that such an equal division into short and long syllables will help bahktamar aspirant attain the state of equanimity quickly, the meter itself serving as a catalyst mantra.

Gandhoda bindu shubha manda marutprapata divya divah patati te vachasam tatriva. You are free from attachment and disinclination and beyond the gloom of ignorance.

Bhaktamar Stotra Songs Download: Bhaktamar Stotra MP3 Sanskrit Songs Online Free on

Chitram kimatra yadi te tridashanganabhir nitam managapi mano na vikara margam. Ambhaunidhau kshubhitabhishananakrachakra-pathina pithabhayadolbanavadavagnau rangattaranga – shikharasthita – yanapatras -trasam vihaya bhavatahsmaranad vrajanti.

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sansrit The one who recites this panegyric with devotion is never afraid of wild elephants, predatory lions, forest inferno, poisonous pythons, tempestuous sea, serious maladies,and slavery. The sun suffers eclipse, is sanskrut by the clouds, but you are no such sun. Your infinite virtues and passionlessness cannot be eclipsed. O Salvager from all the miseries! A devotee who has absorbed the antibody of your devout name crosses fearlessly over an extremely venomous snake that has red eyes, black body, unpleasant appearance and raised hood.

Other deities may be said good in a way As soul searches Thee under their sway To seek contentment and solace eternal Thou imparts unlike others ephemeral. O Master of the three worlds!

It was composed by Acharya Manatunga seventh century CE. Legends associate Manatunga with a ruler named Bhoja. Simhasane mani mayukha shikha vichitre vibhrajate tava vapuh kanakavadatam.

Svargapavarga gama marga virmarganeshtah saddharmatatva kathanaika patustrilokyah. Having duly bowed down at the feet of Bhagwan Adinath, the first Tirthankar, the divine glow ssnskrit his nails increases luster of jewels of their crowns.

It quells the darkness of the night and is brighter than many suns put together; yet it is as cool and serene as the bright full moon. Indeed,the splendour and shine of priceless jewels can not be seen in the glass pieces shining in the light.

O the great one! O Ornament of the universe! Tubhyam namastrijagatah parameshvaraya Tubhyam namo jina! Accumulated sins of births disappear The samskrit removes their traces No traces of any darkness appear When sun’s rays the night faces.

Manatunga was free when all the verses were finished. Check date values in: In fact, fear itself is frigthened of him. Comparison of your lustrous face with the moon does not appear befitting. Kuntagrabhinnagaja – shonitavarivahavegavatara – taranaturayodha – bhime yuddhe jayam vijitadurjayajeyapakshas -tvatpada pankajavanashrayino labhante. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Bhaktamar Stotra

Kim vikshitena bhavata bhuviyena nanyah kashchinmano harati natha! Similarly, devotion is forcing me to eulogise you without assessing my own capacity. In fact, bhaktqmar is the purpose of serving a master who does not allow his subjects to prosper to an elevated position like his?

O conqueror of passion! Innumerable stars in all directions appear It is only the East from which the sun does rise Numberless sons other mothers bear A son like Thee is Thy mother’s prize. O Lord, Thy light three worlds illumines A lamp without wick oil smoke Thou shines O wonderful lamp, brightening the whole universe Too strong for the mount quaking windy curse.

However Manatunga probably lived a few centuries before Raja Bhoja of Dhara. It is no wonder that he who is engaged in praising your infinite virtues imbibing the virtues in his conduct attains your exhilarated position. Tvat sanstavena bhavasantati sannibaddhampapam kshanat kshayamupaiti sharirabhajam. He is identified by some scholars as Kshapanaka, one of the Navaratnas in the court of legendary Vikramaditya. You are manifest in thoughts of all the devotees, so you are Vishnu.

Sanakrit thrown in prison, chained from head to toe, whose thighs have been injured bhaktaamr the chain, gets unshackled and freed from enslavement just by chanting your name. Your divine grandeur is enchanting.

It has the soft white radiance of the moon and is decorated with jewels.